1TeamActive in partnership with Sport England and National Lottery funding has just completed rolling out the programme to four pilot forces across the country namely, Humberside, Northumbria, West Midlands and Wiltshire. This pilot sport and activity programme aims to improve the health, lifestyle, and wellbeing of our Policing family.

After early engagement with participants in each force, the activity phase was kicked off with an event day which was filled with a variety of activity sessions for all the families. Event days offer families and individuals the opportunity to try a range of activities and sports in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. Additional engaging and educational presentations on the benefits of a healthy diet and physical activity encourage participants to assess their lifestyle and to commit to small lifestyle changes which will have a ripple effect on their health and wellbeing.

After the event day, participants (and their families) were linked up with local community instructors who provided 11 weeks of twice weekly sessions to attend to help them achieve the recommended physical activity time of 150 minutes per week and achieve their personal goals. Alternative on-line classes were offered for when those days offered challenges to physically getting to a class. Further online support and engagement was given which included activity ideas, fun quizzes, children’s games and nutritious recipes throughout via private facebook groups.

The interim report from Cardiff Metropolitan University, who are conducting the programme evaluation, was very encouraging about the results, ‘The pre-post analysis indicated that there was a significant impact on physical activity and well-being for adults taking part in 1TeamActive. Feedback on the surveys indicated that 1TeamActive had brought families together, participants had enjoyed the experience of being physically active together, and intended to continue with these behaviours at the end of the project.’

We are so proud to have completed this pilot project phase as we have been beset with extraordinary challenges since the launch in January 2021. 1TeamActive coincided with the worldwide pandemic, our police forces facing unprecedented operational demands, Brexit related supply and delivery issues for kit, being forced into a winter schedule for the first 1TA programme due to additional lockdowns …. we could go on! However, we managed to overcome these challenges and many families have now completed the programme and have hugely improved their health and wellbeing by getting active … which is a huge achievement!

We are now looking to expand 1TeamActive to our policing family with further forces across the country. If you are interested in supporting us in partnership, sponsorship or a force wanting to be involved then please contact 1teamactive@teampolice.uk

Created by TeamPolice, with input and programme evaluation from Cardiff Metropolitan University, 1TeamActive is a sport and activity programme designed to improve the health, lifestyle, and wellbeing of our Policing family. It is the first initiative of its kind supporting the Police and their families.

We focus on those that would benefit the most. Those who wouldn’t normally be involved in sport and exercise and do less than 150 minutes of moderate activity each week, and/or those who feel that their mental health has suffered due to the demands of policing. To support them in this initiative we encourage the whole family to participate.

Archery - West Midlands

I really enjoyed it [1TeamActive]. Because I think it was a team, you felt you were letting the team down if you didn’t go and then, when you’re there, you’re competing against each other but in a fun way.

Northumbria Jun 22

We certainly noticed the difference in our fitness from week one, bearing in mind I didn’t do anything [exercise] at all. But from week one to week 11 was amazing; the difference. You didn’t notice it because it sort of crept up on you but on week one when we did a plank, I managed nine seconds, and on week ten I think I managed about 48 seconds.

Northumbria Jun 22

It has been an amazing 11 weeks – great exercise sessions with Active Trowbridge, healthy recipes and advice and best of all the wellbeing element. Thanks TeamPolice. Can’t wait for a happier & healthier 2022.

Wiltshire Dec 21

I took great delight in learning jujitsu during the programme and it is something I will keep on with when the funds are available! I also lost just over half a stone throughout the scheme – so thank you!

Wiltshire Jun 22

We have both come away much fitter and are taking some good healthy eating tips away with us too which we continue to enjoy. I would urge anyone to give it a go, it’s a shame it finished after 11 weeks as we would have continued if that was an option.

Humberside Oct 21

I have to say that I think the programme has been a real success as all of the participants are going to continue to attend the sessions once the programme has finished which is fantastic.

Wiltshire Instructor Jul 22

Thank you all so much for taking time out for us on our fitness journey. We’ve enjoyed every second.

West Midlands Dec 21

Thanks again for your time, support and especially for encouraging the kids to participate. We have all had a great 11 weeks training and hope to continue.

Northumbria Jul 22