Even though I was struggling to motivate myself to attend 1TeamActive I’m so glad I went as it was brilliant – everyone I spoke to really enjoyed the day.

Thank you to the team for a fun day that put smiles on everyone’s faces, you had all clearly put a lot of time and effort in for the day.

Big thank you to all involved in making the day so much fun and so informative. Such a fabulous idea getting the whole family involved. And having a giggle at the same time is such a bonus.

Just getting to the event can be a bit daunting especially when you’re on your own but we were all there together with the same focus to get active. Thank you and the team for putting this event together, it was a really fun and informative day.

It’s been amazing and I’ve tried some activities I would never have normally tried out.

The instructors have been so professional and really supportive. The presentations were an eye-opener as I didn’t realise how much hidden sugar was in ultra processed foods – and how unhealthy my diet is!

I was initially anxious about starting the programme but already, in four weeks, my mental health has improved.

Wasn’t sure what to expect but really enjoyed the day; everyone was so friendly and supportive.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the programme. The open event was very well organised, it was fun, informative and inclusive. The nutritionist was really helpful and the coach we were allocated to explained exactly what we would be doing when our sessions started.
The 11 weeks we spent with Andy was fabulous. I was a little nervous as my fitness was non-existent yet my husband was already quite active. Despite being at different levels we were both able to take part in the same activities tailored to our ability. Our group was relatively small and we all got on really well and everyone was so encouraging.
We have both come away much fitter and are taking some good healthy eating tips away with us too which we continue to enjoy.
I would urge anyone to give it a go, it’s a shame it finished after 11 weeks as we would have continued if that was an option.

Linda and Dominic – Humberside

We chatted with some of the attendees at our last events and thought you might like to hear what they had to say

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Katherine Willoughby, 1TeamActive Programme Director – My passion for sport runs deep in my veins and I hold a total belief in the value of sport as an individual and within society as a whole. Throughout my Police Service I have been involved in Police sport either as a participant or as an organiser and still am. When I retired in 2018, joining TeamPolice gave me an opportunity to continue my passion and strive to find new innovative ways to develop sport and wellbeing opportunities for my colleagues.


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