About Police Sport UK & TeamPolice

Team Police raises much needed funds through an innovative commercial sponsorship scheme to help improve the wellbeing of everyone who is serving and has served in our UK Police Forces by enabling increased participation in sport and physical activity. Team Police Ltd is the fundraising body for Police Sport UK (PSUK)

PSUK boasts a membership of over 300,000 serving police officers, police staff, retired officers and staff, plus their immediate families. Representing ALL police forces in the UK Police Sport UK plays a major role in providing social and recreational activities for the membership. A comprehensive range of sporting sections provide competition at local, regional, national and international levels.

PSUK Executive Officers

  Secretary of State for the Home Departments
Secretary of State for Scotland
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Secretary of State for Wales
  Sir Anthony Burden QPM BSc (Hons)
Sir John Evans O.St.J QPM DL LL.B
Sir Ronald Flanagan OBE M.A.
Sir Brian Hayes CBE QPM B.A.
Ronald Broome OBE QPM
Andrew Cameron CBE QPM B.A.
David East QPM LL.B
David Shattock CBE QPM
David Stevens CBE QPM LL.B
Steve Finnigan CBE QPM BA(Open) M.A.(Cantab) Diploma A.C. & P.S.(Cantab)

Rachel Kearton, Chief Constable, Suffolk Police


Vanessa Jardine, Chief Constable, Northumbria Police

Matt Jukes QPM MA (Oxon) MSc, Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Police
Keith Dickinson, Director of Resources, Merseyside Police
Dave Hartley, South Yorkshire Police
Ian E Campbell
  Kevin Lloyd, Merseyside Police
  Katherine Willoughby, Retired Inspector, Hampshire Constabulary
  Derek Alldridge MBE, Retired Metropolitan Police
Ian E Campbell, Retired Greater Manchester Police
John Davies, Retired North Wales Police
Graham Heeley, Retired West Midlands Police
Brian Rollings, Retired Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
Vice Chairs
Senior Exec Officer


Executive Officer

Peter Darling (South Yorkshire Police Sports Club)

Brad Howe (Men’s Football Section)

Christian Robinson (Essex Police Sports Association)

John Shaw (Scottish Police Recreation Association)

Claire Thorn (Swimming & Water-polo Section)

Stuart Welch (Wiltshire Police Sports Club)

Katherine Willoughby (USPE Technical Commission)

Vice Presidents
Honorary Members
Members of Management Committee
Chair and Secretary of Sporting Sections
Regional Representatives
TeamPolice Board Members

Message from BIll Skelly QPM, Chair of TeamPolice

As Chair, it is my responsibility, working with my Board, to ensure we follow the highest standards of corporate governance. As a Board, we believe that practising good corporate governance is essential for building a successful and sustainable business in the long-term interests of all our stakeholders. We are committed to responsible and ethical practices.

Key operating principles:

  • Have a strategy, business model and operation to serve the interests our organisation, its partners and stakeholders
  • Embed risk management practices in all we do
  • Maintain the Board as well-functioning team with the necessary skills and experience led by the Chair
  • Promote a culture based on ethical values and behaviours
  • Maintain a governance structure that supports effective Board decision making.

Strategy outline

TeamPolice raises funds through a commercial sponsorship scheme to help improve the wellbeing of everyone who is serving and has served in our UK Police Forces by enabling increased participation in sport and physical activity. TeamPolice is the fundraising scheme for police sport in the UK. It is a joint venture between Police Sport UK (PSUK) and EthosVO Limited (EVO).

  • PSUK represents all the Police Forces of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and provides sporting opportunities for over 300,000 serving and retired police staff.
  • EVO is a social business accelerator working in the areas of work, wellbeing and place-making.

TeamPolice Ltd Board

BIll Skelly QPM – DIrector and Chair

Bill has been involved in Police Sport for over 31 years. A keen volleyball player, coach and referee, he has represented the Police Service as a player at every level from locally to internationally. He joined the Police Sport UK Council nearly twenty years ago and has been a vocal and leading advocate of wellbeing in the workplace, for which he has received national awards and international recognition. He recently retired as Chief Constable in Lincolnshire and is now the Managing Director of his own Boardroom Consultancy business.

Bill is passionate about the role that organisations have to play in promoting the health and wellbeing of their employees, customers, families and communities.
“Policing plays a hugely significant role in society and I believe that it is massively important that those who deliver policing are as psychologically, emotionally and physically fit as possible for the demands that they face. They need support, and that should extend to their families too, who are so often at the heart of wellbeing. Good people, feeling good about themselves, will deliver great policing and that builds safer, stronger and better communities.”

Bill was born in Dundee and studied Math’s and Physics at Edinburgh University before joining Lothian and Borders Police in 1990. He enjoyed a varied career in plain clothes and uniformed roles, including being appointed as Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland. He held senior positions with the Metropolitan Police, Police Scotland and Devon and Cornwall Police before concluding his service as Chief Constable in Lincolnshire.

Ian Campbell – Director

Ian is the Executive Officer for Police Sport UK, a post he has held for the past 10 years. Formerly a serving officer with Greater Manchester Police, who he represented at Athletics, Golf and Table Tennis. After completing his police career he spent ten years as Chief Executive of the GMP Sports & Social Club Ltd, before his current role with Police Sport. A keen sportsman and event organiser Ian has over 50 years’ experience in arranging sporting events at local, regional, national and International levels. His athletic achievements include British Police Fell running champion. He is a keen golfer and is currently Captain and Treasurer of his local Golf Club in South Cumbria.

Gavin Thomas OBE – DIrector

Having retired from the Police service as a Detective Chief Superintendent and President of the Police Superintendents Association,  joined Ethos VO as a partner and subsequently Team Police Ltd as a Board member.

European Sport (USPE)


In 1950 a meeting was held in Paris of high ranking officers from European Police Forces to form the ‘Union Sportive des Police d’Europe’ (USPE). Rules were drawn up establishing championships every four years in seven sports. A further thirteen sporting championships have been added to the cycle of events. Five sporting championships are held in each year.

This ‘Olympic’ style format of championships every four years has helped to promote sporting achievement within the police service and has assisted in providing achievable goals and medal ambitions from our top UK police sports persons.

The United Kingdom has played a part within U.S.P.E. and has hosted nine separate championships. The latest such events being the Table Tennis Championships at the Potters Leisure Resort in May 2007, and in 2009 the USPE championships in Ladies Basketball at Sheffield. PSUK hosted the last USPE Cross Country Championships in 2016.

USPE is supported by the I.O.C. and has a registered office in Germany.

From the original number of twelve member countries U.S.P.E. has grown with the changes in European boundaries and the establishment of new communities. U.S.P.E. now boasts 40 member countries:

Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Moldavia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and of course the United Kingdom.


For more information please visit  www.uspe.org

Sports Calendar Revised 2021

Please can I pass on my thanks for what was a really memorable and enjoyable evening. It is fantastic these events take place and our Chief was and is really supportive of Police Sport so it was good for him see the awards to Cheshire Officers. Everything was perfect from start to finish.

Rob Grantham

Cheshire Constabulary


The date for the next PSUK AGM is Friday 10 May 2024, Sheffield

Memorabilia & PSUK Medals

PSUK Range Of Memorabilia Items

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