TeamPolice is delighted to announce that Anatomap has agreed to support us in our joint mission to create wellbeing through sport and physical activity for our policing family. Anatomap’s innovative app (Injury Capture) provides a new method of reporting crime that will greatly support police work.

Ian E Campbell, Executive Officer Police Sport UK commented,

‘PSUK is excited to welcome Anatomap to the team and we look forward to their input at our specialist webinar in June about Cricket. Their support will enable more of the police services sporting talent to succeed as well as enabling the wider police family to participate in sport. Participating in sport has been shown to improve both physical and mental wellbeing which is a key element in our support for our policing family.’

Simon Franc, Chief Executive Officer, Anatomap said,

‘We’re focused on providing technologies which enable justice and build public trust.


But technology is just a tool, incapable of building anything unless you have good people to use it. That’s why we are exceptionally proud to have become a sponsor of TeamPolice. To play our small part in helping to improve the lives and welfare of the people who use our technology to help keep us all safe.


It’s all about looking after those who look after you.’

As part of their support Anatomap will be sponsoring our special sport focussed webinar in June ‘Anyone for Cricket?’ This webinar (unsuprisingly) will focus on all things cricket – from how to attract new participants to what TeamPolice can do to support the sport moving forward. We are pleased to announce that the panel will consist of some key movers and shakers in the police cricketing world including; Chief Constable Simon Cole, Leicestershire Constabulary and Chair of Police Cricket, Chief Constable Lucy D’Orsi, British Transport Police and Vice Chair of Police Cricket and British Police Team Cricket Captains Mandy McGachie and Mick Martin.










Even if you cannot attend, send in your cricket questions.

Anatomap is a UKAS accredited technology company. Our first SaaS app, Injury Capture, provides a new method of reporting crime, which we believe will revolutionise both the victim experience and policing lifecycle.

Victims, their friends and relatives and the wider public can now use the Injury Capture app to record and report violent crime, including assault, domestic abuse and sexual offences. They can record and securely store legally admissible forensic evidence in just a few minutes. Evidence which can then be used to support a swift investigation and prosecution.

We’re empowering victims, enhancing evidence, boosting conviction rates and building trust.