At TeamPolice, we believe in the power of supporting those who serve and protect our communities. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship opportunities with TeamPolice – a unique avenue to elevate your brand while making a positive impact.

Why TeamPolice?

Sponsoring TeamPolice provides an exclusive platform to boost your brand awareness, showcasing your commitment to social value and community wellbeing. Align your business with a trusted and respected institution, reinforcing positive values that resonate with both your team and your clients.

Beyond Exposure

Joining our sponsor group goes beyond traditional brand exposure. It’s a strategic move for networking activity at numerous events, fostering valuable connections and partnerships within a growing network of like-minded organisations and industry stakeholders.

Making a Difference

Your support directly contributes to making sports more accessible at both elite and grassroots levels. Your support helps increase participation in police sport; we aim to open doors for all, fostering inclusivity. Additionally, your contribution aids in the improving the wellbeing of those who protect and serve the communities you operate in.

This is a unique opportunity to increase and demonstrate your corporate social responsibility, which is crucial in securing public procurement. The Social Value Act 2012 states that all public bodies must consider how what they are proposing to buy might improve economic, social and environmental wellbeing, thus mandating that taxpayer-funded contracts are fully leveraged to maximise social value. A minimum 10% weighting will be required in the evaluation of social value in UK central government contracts. By onboarding as a TeamPolice sponsor your organisation can demonstrate you meet these requirements in social value.

Endorsed by the Best

TeamPolice is proudly endorsed by PSUK, representing Police Forces across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. With over 300,000 serving and retired police staff, this sponsorship reaches a vast and diverse audience within the law enforcement community.

Partnering with Purpose

We support and maintain relationships with organisations working within the Policing space, such as Police Care UK, Police UK Disability Sport CIC, Intrepid Games, Oscar Kilo UK and so on. Partnership actively contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of those who dedicate their lives to protecting ours. We also are privileged to have a fantastic team of inspirational ambassadors!

Ready to make a difference and elevate your brand simultaneously? Join us in supporting TeamPolice and be a part of a movement that transcends traditional sponsorship. Together, let’s champion the values of community, wellbeing, and teamwork.