At the PSUK football section AGM yesterday a lengthy discussion took place in regard to the uncompleted 2019/20 season and the yet to be started 2020/21 season. A number of options were discussed including whether we could complete the 2019/20 season once lockdown restrictions are lifted.
Whilst there is a real desire to complete the seasons, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed great strain on public services and continues to do so with significant impact on individuals and families. Equally, there is no guarantee as to when lockdown restrictions will be lifted and it was considered ambitious to think that football could recommence in April. Clearly, any relaxation of restrictions is dependent upon roll out of the vaccine and a fair wind in terms of no further variants. Additionally, the committee considered that re-starting in late spring / early summer would create issues for forces in terms of player availability, during a time when resources are stretched. Moreover, any suspension to local league football (we have already seen some) will undoubtedly create problems in the availability of pitches, for those forces who do not have their own facilities, as a result of football clubs needing to play a backlog of fixtures.
Consequently, the Committee has made the decision not to complete the 2019/20 season and to ‘right off’ the 2020/21 season for both the inter-force competition and the Chapman Trophy (tri-nations competition). The committee were of the opinion that this is the right decision given the prevailing situation and that we will now look forward to the 2021/22 season with renewed vigour and in the hope of a return to a more positive looking future for all. 
Please communicate this to your individual Football sections and I will be in touch soon with plans for the new season.
Brad Howe, Section Secretary