PSUK is pleased to announce that Police CU (Police Credit Union) is to support Wellbeing through Sport and will sponsor the ‘Oscar Kilo’ Award for Wellbeing at the PSUK Awards Dinner.

Serve and Protect becomes a sponsor to Team Police

We are pleased to announce that we have become an annual member of the Team Police scheme. Team Police Ltd is the not for profit public facing brand created by Police Sport UK (PSUK) and Ethos.

TeamPolice raises funds on behalf of PSUK’s 300,000 members and the entire UK Police Force with the aim of delivering “Wellbeing through sport and physical activity”.

This joint venture follows Ethos’ success of its Team Army and Team Ethos brands which so far have donated over £7m of profits to the Team Army Sports Foundation Charity (TASF). Team Ethos is also an official fundraiser for the Invictus Games.

At a time when the challenges and threats faced by Police Officers and Staff are changing daily, the wellbeing and mental health of those brave men and women is being put to test.

Today, sport is increasingly recognised as being critical to improving the wellbeing, morale and motivation of adults. Research by Sport England (Adult Lives Adult Report, November 18-19) has indicated that the impact sport and physical activity has on one’s wellbeing is just as important as the physical benefits.

Chief Constable Matt Jukes, Chair of PSUK said “There is a long history of Police Sport being part of the life of the service, and of promoting the mental and physical wellbeing of our dedicated people. Finding the time and resources to do this is a challenge but we need to look after colleagues’ resilience and at times, their recovery and rehabilitation more than ever. This makes it a great time for businesses to get involved with TeamPolice and to help us promote activity for all; from the relatively inactive through to the role models of our elite athletes”.

Robert Lovesey, Business Development Manager at Serve and Protect Credit Union, said “We remain focused on supporting those who serve and protect our nation. We hope through this innovative scheme, we will be able to further demonstrate our commitment to the Police family.”

Robert Pye, CEO Of Ethos says “It is truly an honour to add the Police to our front line social ventures. At this time of National crisis the small part we can play in supporting the recuperation and recovery activities of the Police force as we move slowly through the Coronavirus Pandemic feels important”

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