Our Scheme

As a member of TeamPolice, companies have the choice to sponsor sport, make a corporate donation or attend one of the many sports events. Sport and physical activity is critical to the wellbeing and health of all who serve in our Police Service, yet taking part in sport is often expensive and in some cases, beyond the means of people and their sports and social clubs. Our sporting police family are supported by organisations and businesses who share the same passion and positive values and who are proud to say they are a part of TeamPolice.

In addition to our growing group of sponsors, we would love to encourage support from a wider range of companies and organisations. All funds raised through the TeamPolice are transferred to Police Sport UK. PSUK is governed by a dedicated board of trustees which includes several senior officers and industry representatives. Your investment becomes part of a fund which is used by the Trustees to make grants to a range of sports both major and minor, to cover their annual needs.

What Levels?

As a headline sponsor you will have a direct association with a sport, supporting the officials and teams with opportunities for brand placement on clothing and equipment, advertising and employee engagement. The opportunity for headline sponsorships are limited.

As a secondary sponsor you will have a direct association with a sport, and be offered a range of benefits however your brand profile will be less pronounced than the headline sponsor.

In practice, each membership portfolio will have bespoke elements based on sponsor preference and available capacity. It will describe the alignment with your selected sports and list the opportunities for brand placement/promotion and advertising as well as providing details of invitations to sporting events.

TeamPolice also offers a number of additional benefits depending on your profile and level of investment. A number of companies also support Police sport outside of a direct sponsorship package as Associate members or TeamPolice Partners.

Compliance and Assurance

The scheme is endorsed and regularly scrutinised by PSUK (the governing organisation for Police Sport in the UK) to ensure continued policy compliance. We provide all the necessary safeguards to ensure that both sports and sponsors comply with the increasingly regulated landscape including the 2010 UK Bribery and Corruption Act, legal incorporation, charitable status and sports officials’ personal liability.

Countering Bribery and Corruption Policy

TeamPolice Ltd (registered in England number 12518812) . It acts as the trading vehicle for the PSUK/Ethos joint venture and conducts all fundraising activities. All profits from the TeamPolice (minus overheads and a license to Ethos) are donated periodically to PSUK. TeamPolice runs to an open book policy and publishes its trading account and operating expenses online. Our Countering Bribery and Corruption Policy is available to download here.