Title Date Venue Organiser
(EMail Link)
USPE LADIES BASKETBALL CHAMPS 20th Jul 2020 to 26th Jul 2020 Worcester University Ian E Campbell
Women's Invitational Event 17th Jun 2020 to 19th Jun 2020 Worcester University Kim Humphries
Womens PSUK Finals POSTPONED 15th May 2020 to 17th May 2020 Stirling Johnny Walker
Mens PSUK Finals POSTPONED 17th Apr 2020 to 19th Apr 2020 Aberdeen Graeme Reid


Name of Member Member Type Job Title Location
Winton Keenan Chairman Deputy Chief Constable Northumbria Police
Linda Bunyard-Spiers Secretary Retired Warwickshire
Sally Bunyard-Spiers Vice Chair Inspector Warwickshire
Barbra Campbell Committee Member Retired Hertfordshire
Johnnie Walker Committee Member Retired Police Scotland
Marija Baric Treasurer Police Staff Hertfordshire
Graham Heeley Honorary Member Retired West Midlands
Lisa Coffey Assistant Treasurer Constable Wiltshire
Karl Rowland Committee Sergeant Devon & Cornwall
Kim Humphries Assistant Secretary West Midlands
Peter Gilzeam Committee Member Police Scotland
Stephen Allen Committee Member Staffordshire
Tracey Allen Committee Member Police Scotland
Ann Marie Stobo Committee Member Police Scotland
Sarah Westgate Committee Member Norfolk
Paul Savage Committee Member Leicestershire