“The strength of the team is each individual. The strength of each member is the team.”

We are all familiar with this well known quote, and it could not be more appropriate for policing. Those who have served in whatever capacity in our police service have experienced the value of being part of a team, that feeling of belonging, having that support around you when facing difficult situations or simply being there for each other. Like in many organisations teamwork is the core of how effective any organisation works and delivers excellence and sustainable success, both for the team and the individual and in terms of policing the public.

We heard from Lisa Nicklin-Smith, Chief Executive for West Midlands Police Sports and Social Club, at our last webinar about how important it was for local force clubs to engage and encourage everyone to try sports. She highlighted that sense of camaraderie and belonging that is generated through sport. If there is ever a time that we need this, it must be now.

The award winning journalist and author Matthew Syed talks about teamwork and how it rarely happens by accident but by design and planning. The design he states is rooted in motivation and strategic bonds that can tie the team together. He talks about creating the right combination of skills in the team so that they can work together. Teamsports can help to develop these skills and cohesion, and it is this that we want to explore in our next webinar on the 13th April.

We have Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes, Chairman of Police Sports UK (PSUK) and Deputy Chief Constable Vanessa Jardine West Midlands, Management Committee PSUK and Chair of Ladies Football and Ladies Golf, Inspector Sally Bunyard-Spiers Team Manager Women’s Basketball, and T/Chief Superintendent Brad Howe Mens Football, to help us discuss the value of teamsports and our wellbeing.

I am looking forward to the conversation, why not join us?

Gavin Thomas, TeamPolice

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